Nov 4, 2008

Ideas on Building Links from a Startup POV

Good article on how to start a link building campaign for a startup company. This could be valuable if you had a new product/service you were rolling out and depending on the web for reach. It also might be of value if you were new to SEM/SEO and were looking for tactics on how to start linkbuilding for your own blog or consultantsy.

Anyway, here's a snippet on linkbuilding from scratch, as seen in Search Engine Journal:

We see web 2.0 start-ups pop up daily, and naturally we often have to deal with promoting them. Link building from scratch can be both challenging and exciting but it’s good to know where to start.

Consider adding a resource to start-up blogs - it’s a good way to promote a buzz, especially if your start-up has some innovative features to offer. Most of these blogs are followed by other bloggers seeking new post topic ideas who will grab it and promote further....

...Do your homework: learn how other successful startups were once launched....
Check the article out. Short in length, long in depth, with lots of links to the meat of what the author is saying.

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