Nov 10, 2008

Yahoo Adds ZIP-level Targeting to Local Search

From Rise to the Top blog:

Yahoo Sponsored Search Advertisers can display ads by individual zip code targeting. In a recent announcement through the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog, Yahoo revealed the news of their new, more precise geo-targeting choice for search advertisers. This new option will give you the opportunity to have your ads displayed by zip code targeting, whereas previously advertisers could only mass target the whole states and/or DMA’s (Designated Marketing Areas). Geo targeting is pivotal to the continued existence of many businesses. More and more advertisers are looking for niches and sometimes that is a regional niche. This addition has positioned Yahoo! along with, the lone search engine to offer specific zip level based targeting facility to advertisers.

Though Google AdWords doesn’t offer exact ZIP codAccording to Yahoo Communications Manager Kastle Waserman -"Our new geo-targeting system is designed to help you hit the bullseye with your ads every time! "e targeting, it does let advertisers to use ZIP codes as the basis for ad targeting (’ads will show 20 miles around zip codes’) and lets advertisers choose custom target regions to display their ads (which could be chosen to go with ZIP codes).

For more on Yahoo's ZIP-level geo-targeting, click here.

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