Nov 3, 2008

Rethinking the "About Us" Page

If there's ever a page that is seen as PC, it's the "About Us" page. I never go there, unless I have to while looking for something else I can't find. Usually it's a page of corporate blather, or somebody's ego on display. Often they're just boring, like the guy at a party who's just shy of having one too many. He's funny once he's loaded, but boring until then.

The people at the Rise to the Top Blog have a few ideas on making the About Us page worthwhile:

A nicely constructed ‘About Us’ page can put a human element to your company when compared to the other technical or procedural pages on your site. A craftily written page can encourage some serious buying decisions to certain visitors. You can carve out a customer- centric content for your ‘about us’ by following questions that customer want answers to:
# Why your company?
# How is your company structured?
# What kind of company am I dealing with?
# What is the goal of your company?
# Why would I deal with you?
# How are you different from others?
# Why should I trust you?
If I were working, I'd try some of these ideas. Can't hurt. Because what's on a lot of these "About Us" pages is pretty much horse-hooey.

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