Nov 12, 2008

3 Excellent Site Comparison Tools

So I'm helping a friend with selecting a website design vendor. One of the things we're doing is to compare his current site with others in his market, rate it, and generally get an idea of what the Googlebots think of what he has now.

Tonight I found a great article in Search Engine Journal about comparison sites. Complete with links to 3 tools, I'm now ready to take different looks at his site. The cool thing is that these tools can and will help establish what we want in a new site, as well as measure what the vendor provides us.

From the article:

There are a handful of SEO and web marketing competitive research tools on the market (see online seo tools) which gauge the value and marketability of a site by reviewing and delivering a mini-site audit which grades a site based on its basic SEO parameters and those of its competition.

Website Grader by HubSpot and SEObook’s Website Health Check are two common and free tools used by many webmasters and industry novices to get an idea of the value of a site. Another which has just been launched is ReviewMyWeb, which according to the site : Stacks you up against your competitors on Google, Yahoo, Blogs, and other key channels like Web 2.0, SEO, PPC, Social News, Blogs and much more.

Click on the links, the tools rock.

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