Nov 3, 2008

Length of the Perfect Textlink, and More

Being new, I see people do things online , I hear what should be done from instructors, and I read what should be done on the web.

Needless to say, it's all confusing. So for me, and I hope most people, I look for information that solves problems first. Even better is the information comes with a test to prove their point.

So from, here's some info on a test their people did to try to determine the optimal length of a text link.

Shaun Anderson created a long text link with 50 nonsense words. Each of the nonsense words was 6 characters long. For example, he might have used a link like this:

wergsd woivsd mliwdc woiuby 3245sc plorxc werxcd ...

Then he added that link to the home page of a website that has good rankings on Google.

After some time, Shaun did a search for a keyword that the linked website ranked number one for and added the nonsense words to the search. By doing so, Google would only list the site in the search results if links to the site contained the nonsense word.

For example, if a website has a number one ranking for "buy used cars in dallas" then the website will only be returned by Google for "buy used cars in dallas wergsd" if Google has indexed a link with the text "wergsd" that points to the website.

Check out the rest of the page. Not only is there the answer to text link conundrum, there's also some good stuff on click fraud, and what's more important to rankings-inbound links or content?

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