Nov 10, 2008

How To Pursuade Buyers Online

Again, from Rise to the Top blog. It's a good article on something that I know more about in the bricks and mortar world than in the virtual. So I'll reserve any snarky comments because of that ignorance.

But then again I'm in the midst of "Semmersion", my own path of total immersion into search engine marketing. Here's a snippet from Rise to the Top on how to sell people on your product online:

Show Them The Trend – Show What Others Like To Do

The finicky mind often plays an important role while making a buy. People often tend to look at what others are doing. The more number of people doing the same thing means greater comfort level they have in buying. The psychological phenomenon is called ‘Social Proof’. This means decisions are often based on the reactions or doings in mass. The feeling of the buyer is that his knowledge is bettered by knowing others are buying too.

1. What can you showcase as ‘Social Proof’? Here are some ways to establish yourself.

  • Show a ‘most popular items’
  • ‘People who bought this also liked…’ (go to Amazon!)
  • Top selling items testifying the product or service

2. Online ‘User-Generated’ Reviews

Another method of guaranteeing an online purchase is to have reviews and ratings for products or services on your website. User generated reviews have a great impact on the minds of the buyers. In the age of Web 2.0 and social media and networks like Facebook this is one of the most popular ways to promote your product or service.

It’s a good way to have reviews and ratings on your website. After all; it’s a FREE way to promote your products/services, isn’t it?

Reviews on a website have to be open, clear and true.

For more on how to sell people online, without resorting to trechery, click here.

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