Nov 9, 2008

Using AdWords as a Source for New Keywords

After playing with AdWords for the trial campaigns I've been working on for this blog and for Collective Interest, I'm going to lean on this tool more.

I'm starting a new page on Collective Interest, called Collective Interest Green. I plan to use it as page/site to generate affiliate sales. I'm going to pack it full of content related to solar, hybrid and electric vehicles, and other topics related to alternative energy.

In reading a good article at Rise to the Top Blog, I plan to follow the post's advice and use AdWords to help me find more and better keywords. Their suggestions include:

  1. The Demographic Report shows the age and gender of the person viewing the site. Google Adwords has a new feature, demographic bidding. If the site knows the user’s age and gender you can gear or not gear your Google ads to a specific target group. The end result is you now have the power to direct your ads to a much more quality group. Yes you may have less clicks but your conversion leads will probably increase. I’ll explain another day how you can bid on a demographic group.
  2. The Geographic Report drills down to the city/town, province/state and country of the person who visited your site. This information is based on their IP address. What’s great about this report it is a quick way to verify if your ads are being seen in the city/country that your chose in your campaign settings. Say you are not sure which city to target your ads to, why don’t you start at the national level for a month. Use the Geographic report to zone in to which cities are clicking your ads. You can adjust your campaign settings to the most converting cities!
  3. The Search Query Report gives you the exact work or group of words used when completing a Google Search. This is my personal favourite report. In addition to the keyword used you will also view the Google Ad Text and your destination URL for each impression, click and conversion. The detailed report will let you see at a glance which keywords and ads are converting. There are times your client will ask you have a split landing page or ad. With this report you are able to determine what type of traffic From here you are able to adjust your keywords and ads for better conversions.

So over the course of next week, check out Collective Interest Green. If you see anything intriguing, please click. I need the $$$

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