Dec 17, 2008

The AdWords Phone Seminar: My Takeaways

A little more meat than I thought. Where it helped me was in shifting my thinking about keyword campaigns.

My background is in print production, an industry that's very old. Not a lot of ground-breaking innovation there. In fact the big movers in the industry are the consolidators, the companies that find ways to commoditize and standardize services. SEM/SEO is very new and ever-changing, and I've met very few people in this industry who intended to be there right out of college. It strikes me as an industry built on people who were handed the company website and told to "see what you can do."

The seminar reminded me to look for ways to make radical change. To look at elements of my campaign, break them down, and find ways to move beyond what Google or other industry leaders says is standard and acceptable.

So I'm a bit more rejuvenated.

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