Dec 19, 2008

Display Ads Boost Search Performance

Well, after finishing the post below, I went looking for other things to blog about.

Not only did I find it, the article was written by Jeff Campbell, a former instructor at the University of Chicago. It dovetailed perfectly with my aforementioned need to rejuvenate search campaigns for Collective Interest. His topic is on how display ads are boosting search performance.

Here's a snippet:
Eariler this week, eMarketer finally provided data to what marketers have known in their gut all along: Display boosts Search Performance.
"Search clickers exposed to display advertising were 22% more likely to produce a sale than those who were not exposed."

While these stats may lead to increased Display budgets, I ask you to consider the second nugget of goodness this study/article provides, the U.S. averages & projections of digital budget breakouts:

When I clicked through to the story Jeff was referring to, I saw this awe-inspiring chart, that lays out my strategy for how to move forward with Collective Interest search campaigns:

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