Dec 14, 2008

3 Cool Marketing Reports

SEM is pretty much about sticking your hands in the mud of individual url's.  Say goodbye to thinking of sites as individual entities.  Well not a total goodbye.  SEM is a lot about assigning a value to individual sites on a list of url's, keeping the "good ones" depending on your goal, and excluding the rest from your ad, site, etc.

The numbers will lead to trends.  With trends come ideas for improvement.  And so forth.

Anyway back to the topic.  I saw this article on marketing reports in SEOmoz, and decided to pass it along to you.  When I was interning, I didn't see reports like these, and I must say it's led me to play around with reporting for my site as well.

Here's a snippet on Impression Share reports.  If you make these hourly, then you'll start to see how visitors come to you.  

This is the report that you can print out, make all pretty, point to and say “LOOK! I need more money!” I know … that works in all companies right now, right? Well with this report you can show how much traffic your campaign is missing out on due to bids and position. It comes out of the Campaign/Account Performance report. The trick is to turn off all the other data points that you usually see and focus on what you are missing.

Here are the instructions for creating this report.

Here is a look at what you might see. This report shows that this account lost almost 60% of traffic due to their ranking and 2.37% based on budget. They take in about 38% of the total impressions their account could be seeing. Not good. But in a slow economy, some of this might make sense. The report only gives you part of it, the interpretation of the data is why you have a job. *wink* 

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