Dec 16, 2008

Test Update

The test I spoke of yesterday is in full swing now. I'll talk more about trends closer to the end of the week. What is striking me right now is how the control group gets off to a blinding start in the morning; but the test group for underperforming states comes on strong toward the end of the day.

The "day" being 5am-6pm. Why so short? Google Analytics tells that I get less visits (8% of total) after 7 pm. Today I'll configure a report in AdWords to break out impressions and clicks by hour of day for comparison.

The other thing that is striking is with the relationship between the AdWords and AdSense clicks and CTR. I'm digging in a little more to find the relationship. It would be great if Analytics, Adwords and AdSense were rolled up into one package. That would make it easier to see relationships.

But it's not, which is fine.

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