Dec 17, 2008

My SEM Reccomendations for a Printer

A good friend of mine started a printing company 20 years ago. In 2007, he was enjoying 8-digit sales. He survived the post 9/11 crash where others didn't, and I must say I was very happy to see his success.

However, the current credit crunch is a slightly different animal. Where 9/11 dried up his business, the credit crunch dried it up AND took away his ability to get access to credit lines. His business was being squeezed, and he reached out to me for advice.

Remember, I'm a newbie to SEM/SEO. But I've got 15+ years experience in business. The Semmersion blog is a way for me to share my journey as a career-changer as well as SEM newcomer.

After talking with my friend for awhile, and looking at his current web efforts, I proposed a plan built around his current web efforts. Naturally, I can't tell you all the juicy details, but here's what I can share:

1) The plan was not a reinvention of the wheel. For this company to add ecommerce/SEM required them to make some changes to an existing landing page of their website, and communicate these changes to their customers.
2) The second part of the plan called for the company to begin a small online business, and guidelines on how to grow and expand it.
3) The final part reccommended how to integrate the new ecommerce with the existing sales force and customer service staff.

SEM/SEO is a way for experienced businesses and new ones to take advantage of what the web can offer. Our current economic problems will ebb. For me, the question is will businesses be ready to go once the economy turns? My friend's business will, because by the time the tides change, he will have learned all the lessons of moving into ecommerce, and will be better positioned to take advantage of the new environment.

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